EmuraFoundation for the Promotion of Cancer Research

l. Mision/Vision:

Emura Foundation (EF) works to improve comumnity awarenes of cancer prevention and is committed to medical education and cancer research.

EF’s partners are actively involved in education, screening, and treatment of individuals with gastrointestinal disorders. Since 2006, it has screened more than 1000 volunteeres in Colombia through free camps and identified hundreds of premalignat conditions and dozens of early cancers.

EF’s partners are committed to continuous medical education through international courses, formal training programs, hand-on work shops, educational videos and world wide conferences and talks.

ll. Emura Foundation partners (2006-2007-2008-2009)

- AstraZeneca
- Federacion de Cafeteros de Colombia
- Olympus LatinoAmerica
- Johnson & Johnson
- Novartis
- Minerva Trading
- Hospimedics SA
- Fundacion para el Apoyo Tecnologico en Salud
- Tecnofarma
- Abbott
- EmuraCenter LatinoAmerica
- Chromoendoscopia Colombia

Contac: foundation@emuracenter.org

lll. Medical Education Activities

I Congreso Internacional de Cáncer Gástrico. -Manejo Multidisciplinario
Nov 9, 2007

I Certificacion en NBI, Advanced Optical Endoscopy
Noviembre 3-7, 2008

I Certification in EMR / ESD. Living animal hands-on
Marzo 12-14, 2009

II Certificacion en NBI, Advanced Optical Endoscopy
July 20-22, 2009

II Certification in EMR / ESD. Living animal hands-on
August 13-15, 2009

III Certificacion en NBI, Advanced Optical Endoscopy
October 29-31, 2009

Contact: educacionmedica@emuracenter.org

  Instituciones Aportantes y Cooperación Internacional

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